Marcus Lawrence


Marcus D. Lawrence was born and raised in the small town of Pel, an autonomous region on the outskirts of Redvasser. The town was ruled by the local church of Pelor, with the current head of the church acting as the Lord of the region. The Lawrence family had been one of those that helped establish Pel generations ago, and Marcus’s father, Joranti, was the current head of the church. Marcus, like every other member of his family, was born into the church to be a follower of Pelor and spent his life learning to be a Cleric, so that he may help others.

However, when Marcus’s father turned 60, the age that the head of the church must step down so that a younger member might take his place, his father pledged allegiance to Redvasser, allowing Pel to be ceded by the Republic and granting him the position of High Chancellor of the region for life. Seeing this as an absolute betrayal of both the town of Pel and the noble beliefs of teachings of Pelor, Marcus took their family blade and slew his father. For this Marcus was imprisoned by the Republic of Redvasser for three years, released only so that he may use his talents honed from a lifetime of training to benefit the “Heirs of Vision”. However, before beginning his work with them Marcus returned to Pel, and was horrified to see the state of the town. Apparently, without a leader (as no one was willing to replace Joranti after news came out that his own son had murdered him) the town fell into chaos; the church destroyed, the town frequently under attack, and much of the citizens having fled the city long ago. Instead of being welcomed as a hero for punishing his father, Marcus is seen by many as the cause for the current hardships those in the region now face.

Realizing how much his rash actions have harmed others, Marcus has vowed to right his wrong and redeem himself. After collecting the family blade, now black and lacking its holy glow, Marcus set out to join up with the Heirs of Vision, hoping that his work with them will not only allow him his personal freedom, but also help him to regain a clean soul once again.

Marcus Lawrence

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