Thalius Ironbeard

His beard alone has experienced more than a lesser man's entire body.


His beard is the greatest tool a man could ever hope for. If he were to ever enter a beard competition, he would put all the others to shame, not for style or luster, but for the ability to fashion his beard into a pick to mine for gold, successfully. Alas, he never shall, as his pride would not allow to raise his mighty beard in comparison to those feeble ones of beardkind.


A fairly young dwarf adventurer seeking the kind of life that would bring honor, glory and financial gain to his humble family of mostly cooks and chefs. He follows his estranged older brother into the army but things are not as they seem and something has changed his brother dramatically.

He holds an intense hatred of trolls as a group of them killed his father in a most gruesome way.

Thalius Ironbeard

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