War Breaks

Campfire Feasts

December 26, 572 A.T.

Six days ago a massive force crossed the Redvasser border from Ostmere and began attacking the town of Ormont and the Keep at Rillview. Luckily, there was a number of Redvasser troops in the area on maneuvers. They ground in and set up a strong defensive line, but the Ostmereans continue to siege the area. At the same time a smaller force crossed the border and occupied Milshire and Aelview. Reinforcements are en-route on horseback from areas north of Pryford and Lingate, but it will take some time. Horses in the area are hard to find at the moment as the majority have been conscripted for the defense of the region.

The attack came as a shock, so details are still sketchy. As such, “The Heirs of Vision” are to infiltrate Milshire and gather intelligence. They will be accompanied by 10 members of the Azure Guard and 2 light catapults. Movement will have to be on foot, unfortunately.

The members of “Vision” camp on the outskirts of Southbarrows preparing to move out the next day. They sit around a campfire and tell stories of previous conquests and important missions. A few of the soldiers are curious of the banter and ask some fairly benign questions. Marcus is caught off-guard for a moment when one man delves a little too deep into his history and past crime. Some of the soldiers are suspicious, but the members of “Vision” long ago came to grips with Marcus’ past.



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